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Dream Amethyst is also known as chevron, or banded amethyst, as it consists of amethyst and white quartz. Its chevron like bands create beautiful layers, and these layers themselves can represent deep healing, assisting you through periods of change. White quartz is purifying, helping you to release any energies that do not serve. 


Amethyst aids in relieving stress and anxiety, enhances your spiritual awareness, and assists in meditation. It improves motivation and enhances memory while improving divine connection opening your third eye and crown chakras. 


These are high-quality and deeply saturated. 8mm, 7.5in


Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Element: Wind

Dream Amethyst Bracelet

  • Due to the nature of this offering, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges. 

    • Price is for one bracelet
    • 8mm
    • 7.5in
    • Crystals are natural objects and rarely perfect.
    • Photos may be altered due to lighting.
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