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Shipping Policy

Please note: Your order may take 7-15 days to arrive after receiving your tracking number. Order fulfillment can take 2-10 days for regular store orders/live sale listings. Custom orders, and art products such as macrame, watercolor, mugs, or shirts can take 2 - 6 weeks to fulfill. 


Due to the remote location on Hawai'i Island, and many of the products are carefully packaged and made to order, production and shipping times may be a bit longer than other businesses. 

Shipping is batched to save time and resources. Shipping is usually done one or two deliveries per week. USPS does not service the area we are located, so deliveries in large quantities are processed weekly at the closest facility. 


Empress Energy Healing LLC dba sakréd. is not responsible or liable for any shipping processes that take place once the package leaves our hands. Any issues that arise with loss, delays, or damages are the responsibility of the customer and you will be responsible for taking out a claim with the shipping provider. 

Labradorite Stone
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