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  • 3- Card Tarot Reading

    Tarot is an insightful tool that helps you to connect with your hidden truths, offer guidance, reassurance, or take appropriate action. As a tarot intuitive, I help you to unlock the door to these helpful answers, and offer you guidance to your current path or situation.

  • Crystal Healing Therapy Session

    In-Person Crystal Healing Therapy Session focused on bringing balance and alignment. Typically, we will focus our energies on bringing your chakras into full balanced energy, remove blockages, or calm overactive vortexes. You can seek crystal healing for restoration, to de-stress, heal from a heartbreak, release money blocks, cleanse the aura, and more. We will work together to bring forth restoration, rejuvenation, and harmony. Your session may be relaxing, highly emotional, or energizing. I recommend allotting yourself 10-15 minutes post session to sit with your healing before driving home. **Due to the pandemic, this service is currently unavailable. Please check back soon**

  • Crystals & Tarot Session

    As an intuitive, I truly love this style of reading. Pairing crystals and tarot is a very deep dive into finding keys to unlock the doors before you. There is timeless wisdom with each practice, and pairing them is a method to achieve a reading that is truly insightful. Think of this like getting two readings in one. Your tarot reading is a story woven before you, and the crystals with their unique properties, structure, and vibrational energy enhance and unlock deeper meanings to the tarot story. Upon booking please fill out the confidential client form with the question you wish to base the reading upon. I do not offer readings on third parties, like "How does he feel about me?" Instead, try to frame the question to be about YOU, like "How can I attract my ideal mate?" Instead of "Will my boss give me a raise?" ask "What should I focus on to unlock more abundance?" State whether you prefer a phone, or emailed reading, and I will be in touch!

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  • Crystals | Sakréd.

    healing happens here... Shop now sakréd. provides the tools and resources to help you live a more intentional and mindful life. the sakréd. shop offers a unique collection of metaphysical and crystal items, specially curated to bring positive energy into your home and body. i believe that intentional living, through intentional practice is the ultimate form of healing. Here, you can find the tools to help you create a more balanced, mindful, and sakréd life. Shop the selection today and discover the power of intention. Shop now Book Now

  • Live Sale Listings | sakréd.

    Welcome Aloha All, ​ To shop your live sale listings, click here . live sale listings are for the incredibly special group that join me in my hosted live sales or shop my story sales via instagram. ​ for more information on how to join me for a live sale, please see the "policies" highlight on my instagram or visit my faq page. ​ if you have found this page, and do not have the password after you have shopped with me on instagram, the password is in a private message. please check your instagram dm. ​ if you should need further assistance, please send a message using the chat box on the bottom right of your screen. ​ MAHALO E Komo Mai

  • Contact | Empress Energy Healing

    Get on the List Pssst... Sign up for our email list. You'll get first access, discount codes, and I don't spam your inbox! Or, use this form to get in touch! Have a question? Feel free to send me an email, or ask it in the members chat! Submit Thanks for submitting! Facetune_03-11-2021-15-53-19 88C547EB-C603-476C-850C-0271959D107C 00445E87-9C26-415E-843C-3364F3598206 IMG_9123 IMG_7663 IMG_5756 2 06911DF8-578B-42AE-8632-275A94AE8159 IMG_7628 IMG_8130 Facetune_19-02-2022-09-47-41 DE6AA470-6FEF-4A23-9E15-4FD91066CDCA Amethyst crystal_edited Follow me on these platforms! ​ Instagram: @sakred._ Personal Instagram: @joli.elan TikTok: @joli_is_sakred ​ Leave a Testimonial First Name Last Name Email Phone Read Reviews Rate of Satisfaction Extremely Happy Happy Good Not the Best Recommend Improvement Unhappy What did you like best? How can we improve? Would you recommend us to your friends? Yes No Anything else you would like to add? Submit Review Thanks for submitting! Privacy Policy

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