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  • Distance Healing Session

    Distance Healing has been around for centuries! I am honored to offer this practice. I will use various forms of healing techniques to send you energy healing based on what is discussed as your goal for the session. Examples of goals for a session: - chakra balancing - heart healing - removing money or manifesting blocks - self-confidence Methods I may use: - reiki - candle magick - crystal grids - crystal layout - pendulum energy readings How it works: Upon booking, please fill out the confidential client questionnaire. This provides me with your goal for the session, anything you may be experiencing, or feeling, and where you may need a channeled healing focus. I will also ask for some personal details like providing a photo of yourself, your full name, and/or your birthday. These personal items are never shared, and are solely for where to channel the energy. I will channel and asses which healing layout I feel may suit your needs and establish an appointment with you, where you are in a peaceful, uninterrupted state, OR in some cases, you can just go about your daily life! Using the method of choice, I will send you active distance healing, for at least 15-20 minutes. After the session is complete, I continually send energy for a week to achieve better results.

  • New Moon & Full Moon Tarot Readings

    This special offering is only for New Moon or Full Moon days, and are scheduled by a lunar calendar cycle. Find out what the moon and it's current phase may mean for you! I conduct a tarot reading and spread based off the sign of astrology that the moon is in. These readings are not as detailed as other readings, and the summary is quick - to the point so you can get back on track! The number of cards depends on the sign. For example, a reading for the New Moon in Aquarius may be four cards, but a Full Moon in Scorpio could be six. Due to this flux, I set the price as a base price - but the reading is not as in-depth - it more like a quick tune up reading that you may get at a festival booth versus my regular reading offerings. Add on crystals and oracle cards for an in-depth reading option. For add-ons, please book your main reading, and check out again with the add-on option OR send the add-on cost to my venmo (@joli-elan) and send me a DM on Instagram! @sakred._

  • 1 hour Tarot Reading

    Tarot is an insightful tool that helps you to connect with your hidden truths, offer guidance, reassurance, or take appropriate action. As a tarot intuitive, I help you to unlock the door to these helpful answers, and offer you guidance to your current path or situation.

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  • Crystals | Sakréd.

    healing happens here... Shop now sakréd. provides the tools and resources to help you live a more intentional and mindful life. the sakréd. shop offers a unique collection of metaphysical and crystal items, specially curated to bring positive energy into your home and body. i believe that intentional living, through intentional practice is the ultimate form of healing. Here, you can find the tools to help you create a more balanced, mindful, and sakréd life. Shop the selection today and discover the power of intention. Shop now Book Now

  • Loyalty | sakréd.

    Sakréd. Squad Loyalty Earn points and turn them into rewards Become a Member 01 Sign Up Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program 02 Earn Points Purchase a product Get 5 points for every $1 spent Book a session Get 25 points Sign up to the site Get 25 points 03 Redeem Rewards $3 OFF 500 Points = $3 off the lowest priced item in cart $5 OFF 1050 Points = $5 off the lowest priced item in cart Free Shipping 1500 Points = Free Shipping for all items $10 OFF 4500 Points = $10 off the lowest priced item in cart $15 OFF 7500 Points = $15 off the lowest priced item in cart $3 OFF (Service) 500 Points = $3 off the lowest priced item in cart $5 OFF (Service) 1050 Points = $5 off the lowest priced item in cart $10 OFF (Service) 4500 Points = $10 off the lowest priced item in cart $15 OFF (Service) 7500 Points = $15 off the lowest priced item in cart

  • Copy of About | sakréd.

    Get to Know Me Aloha dear friends, My name is Ka'ohinani, but I am known by most of my friends and family by Nani, or Joli (my middle name). as a child, i knew i had some gifts that other friends of mine did not nurture. at the time, i had no idea what it would lead to. I could see things others could not. i could sense things others could not. i could visualize energy coming from my hands, and people could say they'd feel heat from my hands without me touching them. of course as a kid, this was a great curiosity, and once i became a teen, an even cooler party trick. when i was young, i grew up in the church, and some of these gifts were celebrated. they told me it was the holy spirit moving through me, and i was a channeled vessel. as a child, i had always questioned the religion i was placed in. those questions led to a deep feeling of being lost. everything i called into question, i was chastised for. i stopped going to church due to the extreme sense that nothing at all made sense to me with the rules, judgements, and lack of knowledge, or willingness to challenge outdated ideals. after years of uncool trauma, idiotic self-sabotage (hey karmic journey), and years of feeling like shit... witchcraft feel into my lap by a way i never saw coming. see, i had always had interests surrounding ancient practices. being native american, chinese, Norwegian, and native hawaiian i had loads and loads of cultural practice to learn about and explore. the ancient practices surrounding plant medicines alone sent me in head first. i had been an alchemist since my younger days. practicing tinctures, salves, and natural forms of medicine because of passed down knowledge from my family... but now as an adult, finding books on the matter was enough to ignite my witchy heart. being open-minded after years of brainwashing telling me it was evil, i was reading and reading, and reading. then podcasts became a thing, and a few of them changed my entire life. I used to poke fun at people with crystals. "it's just a rock" i would say. i remember my first time going into a crystal shop, and then realizing how ass backwards that thinking was. when i tell you that when i gravitated to a shungite sphere and felt a crazy energy surge go through me, i was more curious than i care to admit. i am a gemini sun, and we are all about knowledge. i went in so hard. buying thousands of dollars in crystals to feel energies, reading a shit ton of books, and eventually, buying a course to become certified, because i was indeed a certifiable wealth of crystal nerd knowledge by then. I started my healing practice the very day I became a Certified Crystal Healer. after I had spent several years learning about crystals, tarot, astrology, and many other forms of divination, and knew it was my soul's calling to share these gifts. Empress Energy Healing was established with the intent of connection. To connect you to spirit, energy, and the tools to help you create and manifest your desires. ​ I take great pride in my offerings and want you to have the best possible experience so we can establish a beautiful and lasting relationship filled with good energy. My amazing clients have truly helped me become a better healer, a better reader, a better shop owner, and a better friend. If you are interested in booking a session or a reading, I'd love to hear from you! Love, Light, and Healing, - Joli ​ ​ ​ Book a Session book a tarot reading, Lithomancy reading, or distance healing session *due to the pandemic, in-person sessions are not offered at this time. Please check the calendar for availability Book online

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