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Gem bottle necklaces available in Green Fluorite or Amethyst! 


Green Fluorite is a stone that assists in bringing balance between our heart and mind. A mind stone, fluorite grants us mental clarity, focus, and increased intuition. Fluorite is also EMF blocking, and helps us to tie our emotional and mental balance together so we can respond to others with clarity and compasssion. 


Amethyst is protective, increases our intuitive abilites, and connects us deeper to the collective conciousness. 


These necklaces come with a pipette to carry your gem water elixirs, moon water, essential oils, etc. to carry forth your intention throughout your day. 

Gem Bottle Necklaces

$45.00 Regular Price
$33.75Sale Price
  • Due to the nature of all products and offerings, all sales are final.

    • Listing is for one necklace.
    • 18" Stainless Steel Chain. Total length around 20"
    • Sizing and Color may vary.
    • Intuively Selected.
    • Crystals are natural objects and rarely perfect.
    • Photos may be altered due to lighting.
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