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This super powerful rare combination is beloved by collectors, healers, and witches. 


These spheres take your manifesting to a whole new level, amplifying intentions, and super charging your manifesting ability. They assist with your creative visualizations when co-creating your ideal outcome. They are a divine healer, bringing balance to your meridians, and harnessing your power from your core being to amplify your intuivive gifts. 


Arfvedsonite, that striking firework of blue and gold is a rare mineral that stimulates your third eye,  heightening your intuitive and psychic awareness. Its firework spark is the representation of its power to aid in manifesting, and tapping into a deep sense of joy, and optimism. 


Garnet is one of Empress' favorites! Known as the stone of love & commitment, and also hailed for centuries as the "Traveler's Stone" this highly protective talisman is not a stone to overlook. Garnet has been revered for centuries, and has many benefits. Garnet as a protective stone helps to protect you from psychic attacks, negative energies, and nightmares. In ancient times, and in many cultures to this day, they believe garnet protects them from evil, and can help them to release any bad karma within this life. For manifesting, it is a powerful stone for connecting to your deepest desires and helps to bring them into fruition through passionate action, self-confidence, and reminding you of how worthy you are of all of it! Garnet is also a deeply connected stone to your heart. Attracting deep loving connection, healing deep traumas, and fostering a deep connection with your current relationship. 


These spheres are flashy! Intuitively selected. At checkout, in the notes you can try to request one specifically, but there are no guarantees the request will be accomodated or available. 

RARE Garnet with Arfvedsonite Spheres

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  • Due to the nature of all products, all sales are final.

    • Price is for one sphere
    • Intuitively Chosen
    • Stand not included
    • Flash and color vary.
    • Crystals are natural objects and rarely perfect.
    • Photos may be altered due to lighting to show color.
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