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Russian Shungite is a strong, and high-vibrational stone. Known for it's detoxifying, cleansing and protective energies, Shungite helps to cleanse your aura, guard against EMF, and assist you in doing your shadow work. It's composition is mostly carbon, a purifying and dexotifying mineral that helps you reset after deep powerful healing sessions, or decompress after a long day at the office. 

Russian Shungite Spheres

PriceFrom $36.00
Out of Stock
  • Due to the nature of all products, all sales are final.

    • Listing price is for ONE crystal
    • sphere stands not included
    • Small Spheres are about 3" diameter
    • XL Spheres are about 5.5" diameter
    • measurements are approximate
    • Crystals are natural objects and rarely perfect.
    • Photos may be altered due to lighting to show color.
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